Althermo Roundcoolers: masters of flexibility

Althermo round coolers are an example of total flexibility of installation; thanks to their unparalleled features:

  • complete modularity
  • minimal pressure drops on the air side
  • specific power (power dissipated per square meter of occupied surface) unmatched by any other coolers on the market
  • 60% lower refrigerant charge than any other tube and fin condenser on the market
  • much higher fan residual static pressure compared to traditional coolers

Althermo Round coolers provide new design solutions that were not possible until now.

With a single condensing module, for example, it is possible to solve and improve installations such as:

Installations with air flow duct

In this specific case, three main issues have been solved:

  • sufficient fan residual pressure, allowing the expulsion of air from the duct only with the axial fan (plug fans are not needed)
  • guaranteed air circulation even in cases of confined space
  • low sound level due to the option of installing an axial fan

Special applications made possible by the specific power and particular shape of the modules

The case presented shows the condensing module (which can provide up to 125 kW at DT15), utilized in Northern European countries to optimize the refrigeration system of a refrigerated container, keeping everything “in gauge”.

Applications of significant size in limited space conditions with extremely low sound levels

In this installation in the historic center of London, with 24 modules it was possible to dissipate 2250 kW with only 50 dB (A) of sound pressure at 10 meters.