Althermo and the innovative Roundcoolers debut at MCE 2018

The debut on the international scene at MCE 2018 has been a great success for Althermo, and gave us the opportunity to present for the first time our new and highly innovative Roundcoolers.

The new exclusive CMR and DMR-H series by Althermo, with their unique and cutting-edge features, have aroused great interest among HVAC experts.

We are a new-born Italian reality in the world of industrial heat sinks and we design and manufacture our products focusing specifically on customers’ requirements along the whole life cycle of the product.

Thanks to the innovative configuration with round microchannel heat exchangers, the exchange capacity of our Roundcoolers is much higher compared to traditional units with the same footprint. This allows to overcome the current rules and limitations that usually arise in traditional installations (Table type and V-shape). The modularity of CMR and DMR-H units, together with the high specific power and the possibility for the heat exchanger to be installed very close to walls, ensures incomparable installation flexibility. For all these reasons the Roundcooler by Althermo can be considered as a Columbus’ egg in the HVAC industry.

The new innovative Roundcoolers attracted our competitors’ attention and admiration as well: something we are very proud of.

For all this, we want to thank all partners, customers, suppliers and friends of Althermo.

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