Selectool is online

We’ve just published Selectool, the new selection software we developed in collaboration with the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Padua.

Selectool is a powerful web-based real time tool which can be very useful for both designers and sales manager.

Here you can find a quick tutorial to understand how it works, check it out:

We will exhibit at C&R 2019 in Madrid

Come meet us in Madrid from February 26 to March 1: we will exhibit at C&R 2019 and present our CMR to Spanish market.

We are sure that our new and highly innovative Roundcooler, with its unique and cutting-edge features, will arouse great interest among HVAC experts.

So if you’re down there, come visit us at booth 8B05 !

For more information about this exclusive technology or our exhibit in Madrid, do not hesitate to contact us:

A revolutionary dry cooler for Kaunas healthcare clinic

One of the best health clinics in Lithuania chose our DMR to replace the existing cooling system.

The space on the roof is very limited, so our modular dry cooler turned out to be the best solution because it can draw air in from all around (360°) and can be installed very close to walls. In this way, the DMR revolutionary features ensure a remarkable reduction of the entire installation surface up to 75%.

DMR won the Air Conditioning Product of the Year prize at the 2018 RAC Cooling Awards last September.

Our round cooler is Air Conditioning Product of the Year

We are very proud to announce that our DMR has won the Air Conditioning Product of the Year prize at the 2018 RAC Cooling Awards. The awards evening took place at the Park Lane Hilton in London on September 26.

For us, this prestigious award is an important recognition of our work and the totally innovative way of considering and approaching the market.

The International Committee awarded the abiltiy of our revolutionary modular dry cooler to ensure ultra-high specific power, thanks to the combination of technological and cutting-edge solutions.

Our judges liked the way the product not only addresses issues surrounding space constraints, but also adopts a modular approach to installation tha would be beneficial in built-up areas. The simplicity and versatility of the product allows for improved efficiencies and reduced noise for both DX and secondary adiabatic solutions.

Our company is still young but, thanks to great achievements like this, we are motivated to continue along the road taken with more conviction.

Here are the winners.


Danish company UniCool: “CMR is an extremely well engineered solution”

We have established a strong collaboration with Danish installation and service company UniCool and we recently worked together on two different projects where our CMR air cooled condensers have been installed.

We are very proud to receive a reference letter which certifies the high quality of CMR technology. Unicool reports low noise levels and low energy consumption as well as high capacity in relation to footprint, appreciating CMR as an extremely well engineered solution.

CMR condensers represent a new innovative type of condenser which in our opinion is an extremely well engineered solution. Rounded coils with microchannels is indeed new thinking. So it is sure to say that this type of condensers is innovative.

We want to thank Unicool for their recommendation and we are very happy to have started a solid and successful collaboration.

GDPR: we updated our Privacy Policy

On May 25, 2018, the most significant piece of European data protection legislation to be introduced in 20 years will come into force when the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the 1995 Data Protection Directive.

The protection of your Personal Data is a priority for us. That is why our privacy policy has been specifically adjusted to reflect the new regulation.

Read our updated privacy policy.

Althermo and the innovative Roundcoolers debut at MCE 2018

The debut on the international scene at MCE 2018 has been a great success for Althermo, and gave us the opportunity to present for the first time our new and highly innovative Roundcoolers.

The new exclusive CMR and DMR-H series by Althermo, with their unique and cutting-edge features, have aroused great interest among HVAC experts.

We are a new-born Italian reality in the world of industrial heat sinks and we design and manufacture our products focusing specifically on customers’ requirements along the whole life cycle of the product.

Thanks to the innovative configuration with round microchannel heat exchangers, the exchange capacity of our Roundcoolers is much higher compared to traditional units with the same footprint. This allows to overcome the current rules and limitations that usually arise in traditional installations (Table type and V-shape). The modularity of CMR and DMR-H units, together with the high specific power and the possibility for the heat exchanger to be installed very close to walls, ensures incomparable installation flexibility. For all these reasons the Roundcooler by Althermo can be considered as a Columbus’ egg in the HVAC industry.

The new innovative Roundcoolers attracted our competitors’ attention and admiration as well: something we are very proud of.

For all this, we want to thank all partners, customers, suppliers and friends of Althermo.

For further information about this exclusive technology, do not hesitate to contact us: